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Investigation of Stress-Oriented Hydrogen-Induced Cracking (SOHIC) in an Amine Absorber Column of an Oil Refinery

Research Area: Corrosion Year: 2018
Type of Publication: Article
  • Haidemenopoulos, Gregory N.
  • Kamoutsi, Helen
  • Polychronopoulou, Kyriaki
  • Papageorgiou, Panagiotis
  • Altanis, Ioannis
  • Dimitriadis, Panagiotis
  • Stiakakis, Michael
Stress-oriented hydrogen-induced cracking (SOHIC) of an amine absorber column made of a Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC) resistant steel and operating under wet H2S service was investigated. SOHIC was not related to welds in the column and evolved in two steps: initiation of HIC cracks in the rolling plane and through-thickness linking of the HIC cracks. Both the original HIC cracks as well as the linking cracks propagated with a cleavage mechanism. The key factors identified were periods with high hydrogen charging conditions, manifested by high H2S/amine ratio, and stress triaxiality, imposed by the relatively large thickness of the plate. In addition, the mechanical properties of the steel away from cracked regions were unaffected, indicating the localized nature of SOHIC.
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