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Phase-Field Modeling of Nugget Zone for a AZ31-Mg-Alloy Friction Stir Weld

Research Area: Physical Metallurgy Year: 2018
Type of Publication: Article
  • Prosgolitis, C. G.
  • Lambrakos, S. G.
  • Zervaki, A. D.
This work presents simulation of microstructure evolution in the nugget zone (NZ) of a AZ31-Mg-alloy friction stir weld. The process parameters (tool geometrical characteristics, rotational speed, travel speed, applied load) have been correlated with the resulting microstructural features in the NZ of the weld (grain size and population) with the aid of the MICRESS software, which provides the ability to simulate both nucleation and grain growth during dynamic recrystallization phenomena evolving in the NZ during the weld thermal cycle. The input parameters of the developed model include the tool geometry, the welding conditions as well as the recrystallization energy, the grain boundary mobility and specific material properties. NZ microstructure obtained by simulation shows good agreement with experimental measurements for both grain population and size.
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