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Kamoutsi, Helen

Personal Information:

Position: Research Associate  Kamoutsi, Helen
Research Area: Physical Metallurgy
Phone or fax: +302421074087

 Extended CV

Ph.D.: in Mechanical Engineering

Thesis title: Corrosion & Hydrogen Embrittlement of Aluminum Alloys for Aerospace Applications

Research of the corrosion of aluminium alloy (2024). Microstructural characterization using light and electron microscopy (SEM, AFM). Hydrogen measurements using air chromatography for the identification of hydrogen inserted in microstructure during corrosion.

MSc: Postgraduate Specialization Diploma in 

"State-of-the-Art Design and Analysis Methods in Industry" Mechanics, Materials and Manufacturing Processes

Thesis: Calculation of Paraequilibrium Driving Forces and Application to the Bainite Transformation Modeling in Steels

Dipl.Eng.: Diploma in Mechanical Engineering,

Integrated M.Sc. and B.Sc. Division of Mechanics, 

Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Laboratory of Materials,

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Thessaly, Greece




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