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Written by Kamoutsi Eleni   
Tuesday, 22 March 2011 20:14

Ph.D. students

Undergraduate students

Margianna Tzini is working on the simulation of austenite growth and solute partitioning during cyclic thermal treatment in the intercritical range in Medium-Mn steels. Supervisor: G.N. Haidemenopoulos.

John Aristeidakis is working on the development of algorithms for the computational design of Medium-Mn steels, aiming to determine optimum compositions and process windows for austenite stabilization. Supervisor: G.N. Haidemenopoulos.

John Fanikos is working on the modeling of precipitation and hardening of 6xxx Al-alloys during homogenization cooling, using the KWN model. Supervisor: G.N. Haidemenopoulos.

Panagiotis Floratos is working on the effect of aging treatments on the corrosion-induced hydrogen trapping in AA2024. Supervisor: H. Kamoutsi.

Kostas Psyridis is working on the simulation of intercritical annealing and the integration with the bainitic transformation for the calculation of the retaine austenite fraction and stability in TRIP steels. Supervisor: H. Kamoutsi.

Panagiotis-Pantelis Papageorgiou is working on dilatometric experiments for the study of phase transformations in steels. Supervisor: H. Kamoutsi.

Charis Karantonidis is working on the corrosion-induced hydrogen trapping of non-heat treatable Al-alloys. Supervisor: H. Kamoutsi.

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