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Written by Kamoutsi Eleni   
Sunday, 17 November 2019 15:34

  • Development of Ceramic Coatings with Laser Ablation Deposition 

    I. Zergioti, 1997

  • Surface Laser Transformation Hardening and Laser Carburizing of Engineering Steels

           A. Katsamas, 2001

  • Modelling of Dispersed-Phase Transformation Plasticity in Low-Alloy TRIP Steels

          A. Vasilakos, 2001

  • Simulation of microstructural evolution in the HAZ of 6xxx Aluminium Alloy Laser Welds

           A. Zervaki, 2004

  • Corrosion and Hydrogen Embrittlement in Aircraft Aluminum Alloys 

           E. Kamoutsi, 2004

  • Simulation of the Extrusion and Heat Treatment of Hard Aluminum Alloys 

           S. Samaras, 2007

  • Simulation and Design of the Homogenization Process of Extrudable Al-Mg-Si Alloys 

           P. Sarafoglou, 2016

  • Design of the Thermomechanical Control process of HSLA Steels 

            M. Tzini, in progress

  • Computational design of Advanced Medium-Mn Steels

            I.S. Aristeidakis, in progress

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